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Essential Sexting Tips

Drake may be one of the biggest stars with one of the most popular albums (as of my writing this) in If You're Reading This It's Too Late, but that doesn't means he's safe from being played in a public setting. While there are many hilarious instances to point to in this regard—remember this fall?—the latest may be the most groan-inducing of the bunch. According to Bro Bible, the rapper/singer reportedly got into what he wanted to be a steamy sexting convo with porn star Mia Khalifa over Instagram. She said that he sent over a very revealing photo of himself while adding that she felt the whole thing was "very cringeworthy." Unfortunately, that's all we know about it. However, Drizzy's experience can serve as more than just a LOL-worthy moment, because we can all learn from his sexting mistakes. Here are sev eral tips you need to keep in mind the next time you think about picking up your phone to send someone an explicit photo, message, or combination of the two.

Make Sure You Trust The Person

This may seem obvious—and, really, it is—but you really need to make sure you trust the person who's receiving your sex-filled messages. According to these survey results, an overwhelming amount of the 1,000 men and women polled revealed that they sext. And of those, 6 percent said that they have shared sexts they have received, meaning they have shown them to their friends. That may not seem like a lot of people, but any amount of sharing like that can be a problem if the wrong person sees it. In commenting on the survey, sexpert Dr. Kat Van Kirk stressed that sexting is a completely healthy part of any relationship, but sharing those messages? That's a major violation of trust.

Basically, it all comes down to this: Don't send sexts to someone you think will share them with other people. Also, don't be the person who shares those sexts, because you'll just end up looking like an asshole. Also, as explained in this article, those shared sexts, particularly if they're photos, can get in the wrong hands and lead to serious public exposure (pun sadly intended).

Hide Your Face

Like the above tip, this is one that should go without saying, but it's far too important to just assume everyone is following it. So here goes: Do not send explicit photos with your face in them. Just don't do it, ever, OK? Now, some guides to sexting will tell you that it's up to you to include your face or not, such as this one from Mashable. In fact, they even placed it at the top of their list of how to sext safely! Personally, I'd argue that making sure you trust the other person is more important, but I digress.

Yes, it's up to you whether or not you ant your face to be in the photo, but in doing so you're also taking a huge risk. Actually, you're making an already risky practice (sexting) that much riskier by providing evidence that it's you in the scandalous photo. It's 99 percent likely that the other person has seen your face already and knows what you look like, so why roll the dice like that when you don't have to?

Don't Give It All Away

For the third and final sexting tip, I have one that may not be for everybody. That's not to say that one and all shouldn't follow it, because you should. However, just like with telling you to keep your face out of photos, I know some people aren't going to abide by the idea of playing it cool when sending sexts. Now, the very nature of a sext is to send something dirty with the hopes of receiving something equally filthy in return.

That all being said, this article has a good point in telling readers to be "coy" when sending sexts. That is, you shouldn't give it all away in a virtual sense. There are, of course, some exceptions to this rule, namely long-distance relationships. But if you're going to see someone in a few hours or days, you should probably dial it back a bit. For one, you may scare away the person on the other end, and you may also virtually "blow your load," so to speak. It's fine to be enthusiastic about seeing the other person and enjoying everything that comes with their company, but you don't have to put it all out there to make that happen.

So there you have it, three rules you should follow the next time you pick up your phone with dirty thoughts running through your mind.


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I'll Be Back

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Will We Ever Hear Ghostface & DOOM's Collaborative Album?

For hip-hop heads, it feels like there are too many albums to count that have been announced only to, well, never actually come to fruition. That's especially true of collaborative projects, with one rapper declaring in an interview that he or she has plans to drop an album with one of their friends, collaborators, etc... Seriously, whether it's RiFF RAFF and Drake or Ghostface Killah and DOOM, it seems as if we hear more press rumblings about these records than actual music. And in the case of that GhostDOOM album, fans of both have been itchin' for it since the Wu-Tang Clan spitter dropped Fishscale back in March 2006.

That full-length was one of the year's best while serving as his fifth solo affair to date. And it also came packed with a killer guest lineup featuring, of course, the masked villain known as MF DOOM, DOOM, Metal Fingers, whatever you want to call him. His dusty loops proved to be a formidable backdrop for Ghostface's passionate raps, and it left everyone wondering what else they could cook up together. Sure enough, that same year, news broke that they were working on a full-length album called Swift & Changeable, though that name has been since discarded.

As fans waited with bated breath, the two dropped a collaborative EP in 2008, Sniperlite, via Stones Throw. But this wasn't even technically a GhostDOOM release, because it contained the work of another artist. That was the late, great J Dilla, who before his death apparently gifted two of his Donuts instrumentals to Ghost and DOOM to create a pair of tracks. Another year passed and they teamed up again, this time for "Angelz" on DOOM's 2009 album, Born Like This. An early, alternate version of that track had been floating around prior. Following that, we only continued to be teased about the joint project.

Then, in 2011, it seemed like everything was about to change with the release of the DOOMSTARKS single. And yet ... not a peep since outside of a series of shows together and plenty of interviews about it. As recently as last July, Ghostface told ClashMusic that he intends to release the album, but he just has too much other stuff on his plate. That includes the sequel to modern classic Supreme Clientele and maybe even another R&B-themed project. Remember 2009's Ghostdini: Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald City? Yeah.

The two artists have gone on to do expand their respective discographies outside of all this hoopla, of course. DOOM joined forces with another artist, Jneiro Jarel, to form JJ DOOM. The same is true for Ghostface, who dropped a fantastic record with Adrian Younge, Twelve Reasons to Die. But where oh where is the GhostDOOM record?

Perhaps they're just busier with their other projects and have moved on. Ghostface has been working with his Wu-Tang brethren on their comeback album as a group while his masked cohorts appears just fine doing other things—like making shoes with Clark's. Perhaps it's time for Ghostface to branch out, too, and dive back into the online gambling world. For those unaware, he launched his own poker site back in 2007, though it's since been shut down. In the meantime, others have been thriving. According to Econsultancy, online gambling revenue rose 80 percent in the UK from 2008 to 2012 alone. And one big player in that growth was BetFair, which represents one of the five major brands and 11 percent of the total market share. That number should only be larger once newer data comes thro ugh this year.

Hopefully the remainder of this year brings more news surrounding the now-infamous and often-halted GhostDOOM/DOOMSTARKS album. But what do you guys think: Do you really believe that the project will actually see the light of day? Or is it destined to gather dust in bits and pieces on someone's hard-drive? Let me know in the comments!


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